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Featured Rates
(USD/per min):

$10 + 1 promotion

91 India All 0.0146
8991 India All 0.0146
8801 Bangladesh Mobile 0.0229
898801 Bangladesh Mobile 0.0211
923 Pakistan Mobile 0.0366
89923 Pakistan Mobile 0.0366
* different code different rates.
Please visit our main rate table for more details
Our company reserves the right to change rates or promotion without prior notice
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Destination Total Mins in 11$
91 India All (Land & Mobile) 753
8801 Bangladesh Mobile 451
923 Pakistan Mobile 300
*Dial 89 in front to make deluxe calls.

With KSAVOIZ, you are able to make calls to more than 250 destinations around the world with our competitive calling rates and user friendly dialer.

With our extremely low calling rates and superb voice clarity, we ensure that making calls
around the WORLD will be a BREEZE. KSAVOIZ allows you to make calls easily and manage
your expenses at your fingertips.

KSAVOIZ.COM brings you closer to your loved ones, family and friends all around the world.

Simply purchase a calling account from your nearest distributor and start using ksavoiz.com now.
It is simple it is easy just use KSAVOIZ, to give you the out of the WORLD Experience

IP Mobile (Mobile VoIP) offers users incredibly low rates and greater savings when making mobile VoIP call (Internet call) instead of the usual GSM call from their mobile phones.

To start making mobile VoIP calls, you need a compatible mobile phone that allows you to make internet calls. Next, all mobile VoIP calls require internet connection either via Free-WiFi zones which can be found in many public places, via the office/home WLAN network or a paid 3G service.

Mobile dialer download is needed for this service, thus making mobile VoIP call is simple as making any regular call. Plus, there is no need to sign up for an additional mobile contract with us. So you only pay for what you use.

mobile VoIP calling rates are the same as PC phone rates. See feature rates for details.